Pros and Cons of online education

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Education is very important factor in the growth of any person and as well as community. Online method of education is highly effective alternative method for those who are matured, self disciplined and motivated. The economy and financial condition of any country depend on its education system.  We are in the 21st century where everything is possible. Technology is increased day by day. If you want to do best in comparison to other then accept new technologies and gadgets. Online education is also need of these days.

Pros of Online Educationpros_cons online eductaion

We can divide in to four groups.

  • Convenience
  • Less Expensive
  • Technology
  • Additional Benefits

Convenience: is relating to study location, time, course duration etc.

  • No need to traveling time to campus
  • No geographic location constraint, you can learn at your place and study at your convenience.
  • Course work and instruction can highly be customized to your field and subject area.
  • Easily access to resources like guest experts, students from other institution.

Less Expensive: Generally online course cost is lesser then regular academic classroom courses.

  • No traveling and housing cost of classroom
  • Can continue study to his/her work or job time.

Technology: Of course online course is depending on technology. If you have a laptop or good internet connection anywhere from planets you can continue your classes. No need for one exact location or places.
Additional Benefits: There are many benefits of online education all benefits we can’t include.

  • No discrimination among students due to race, sex, nationality and religion
  • No immigration problems
  • Creative teaching
  • Synergy

Cons of Online EducationOnline Education

It’s also divided into four groups

  • Limited social interaction
  • Technology Cost and Scheduling
  • Effectiveness of assessments
  • Problematic for instructors

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