Who will win the 2015 ICC World Cup?

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ICC 2015 World Cup starts from 14th February 2015. This year 11th ICC World Cup starts and every team try to win ICC Cricket World Cup. Top 10 teams already decided for world cup and 4 teams choose by qualifier round. So this year total 14 teams participate in cricket world cup they fight each other to win world cup trophy

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Score

In every four year world cup played and every team try to win world cup. Australia only single team which won the World Cup title 4 times (3 time continuous) after that West Indies and India Team win the world cup 2 times. While Sri Lanka and Pakistan win once world Cup trophy.

Team England who invents the Cricket, South Africa, New Zeeland, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe not able to win single world Cup. So let see this year which team win the world Cup trophy.

Who will win the 2015 ICC World Cup

Every country team work hard and they want to win World Cup. Last time winner India tries to work hard to save their image and want to make defender champion again. While Australia strongest cricket team in the world want to win 5th time world cup also has advantage because they played at home ground

ICC Cricket World Cup Tickets 2015

2015 World Cup matches played in Australia and New Zeeland all matches time table, full fixture already declare. You can check and enjoy the every match of world cup. : Let see who will win the World Cup no idea we can see the winner on 29th March 2015.



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