Why we celebrate Happy New Year

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So Happy New Year Wishes 2015 just after few days all are now busy to prepare happy new year 2015 preparation Every one wish to make day special on Happy New Year many old saying about new year celebration people want to forget all 365 last days things and want to start with new fresh. So everyone warm welcome to new year every year. This year Happy New Year 2015 celebrate by most of places in world make your day happy with celebration of happy New Year.

To celebrate that we have survived a full year. To reflect on the past 365 days. To pay our respects to ones we have lost and look forward to a prosperous new year filled with new opportunities and new things. Happy NEW year 🙂

So if you now ready to wishing and celebrate happy new year here is the quotes for happy New Year 2015.

I Miss You When Something Really

Good Happens Because You’re The One

I Want To Share It With.. I Miss U

When Something Is Troubling Me..

Because You’re The Only One Who

Understands Me..

I Miss You When I

Laugh And Cry Because I Know That You’re

The One Who Makes My Laughter Grow

& My Tears Disappear.

Above quotes you can easily send to your friends and relatives to wish happy New Year on WhatsApp or Facebook. Happy New Year Wishes 2015


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