National Election 2014: Overview

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Election Results 2014

So National Election In India 2014 finally over on 12th May 2014 as you know that this time for 15th Lok Sabha election voting in progress for 543 seats so finally voting is almost done and everyone is looking for Election results 2014 Its only decided on 16th May 2014

Because voting counting will be starts on 16th May 2014 from 08:00 AM early in the morning. Nation election commission is responsible organization in India to handle all election related queries and tasks.

In India for 432 seats around 8000 candidates fill the form and check their luck for theses seats. Many High profile candidates also choose risky seats and promise that they surely win:

Like from Varanasi Narendra Modi and AAP Leader Arvind Kejriwal fight to each other for sets let see who will win. On another seat from Amethi Congress Candidates Rahul Gandhi, AAP candidate Kumar Vishwash, and BJP candidates TV actress Smriti Irani

So we can’t guess the exact result for national election 2014 voting. Result come out on 16th May till you can wait

Election Results 2014


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