How to make Valentine’s Day cards at home ideas

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Valentine! Day of love. On the day you express your love fillings to your partner. If you give some homemade card to your beloved than its really awesome idea and help to increase your love relationship.  In market many types of card available but if you want to express your feelings and really love to your beloved then homemade card idea are really awesome. Her e I am sharing some card ideas you can read and learn how to make this valentine special via homemade cards.

So if you want to make card at home choose card style.

Candy Cane Card:

What you need:

Candy Cane

Red card stock


Color-Aid paper

Craft- Knife

White Glue


How to make it in just five minutes

Step1: Turn the red card stock into a card shape by holding ruler (making each half 8 by 6 inches).Fold the paper in card shape along the ruler line.

Step 2: Tear the color aid paper in rectangle shape in front of card. Glue the rectangle on to the card.

Step 3: Glue on two candy cane in the center, facing each in heart shape. Be sure to keep the wrappers on

Write a message in center of candy heart or inside the card and don’t forget to sign the card.

Candy Cane Card

 Want to more valentines day cards if you want to give valentines day ecards check it here. All type of card collection you can find it easily.


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