How To Improve Students Results In Board Exams

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Improve Results In Board Exams

In education we can see that many schools and colleges students didn’t get god marks in exams.  In a class 60% students only score passing marks in exams.  Schools say that we gives guarantee to 100% results but what about marks. Students only get passing marks. If we give some extra care about students study then surely improve results marks easily. Here are the some tips to improve student’s marks in board exams.

Here are The Top Effects:Class Results

  • Self Reported Grades
  • Teachers Credibility
  • Phonics Instructions
  • Classroom Management
  • Parent’s involvement in study
  • Cooperative learning
  • Principal/School Leaders responsibility
  • Students Class Results
  • Extra Curricular Activity
  • Ability Grouping
  • Co-education
  • Open v/s Traditional learning method

If you are conduct class test then check question paper by students so they can major their marks and try to improve score in next exam.  Board exam students think that get highest marks and get merit score. But some of students did this rest of all only get passing marks. At that time students who get high score in board exam able to take admission in good college or universities for higher study. So I specially recommended to all teachers that trey to improve particular students score not that all are get passing marks. If students secure good marks then easily get admission in top colleges.  So perform well in Board results and try to improve their class results also.

For more tips about results, exams you may click here.


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